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Kindness Box Initiative

Through our day-to-day communications with thousands of people living with epilepsy, we learned that the process of getting an EEG can be a very daunting experience for patients and their families. The sterile, cold, and mechanical environment combined with intimidating lights and machines can be very difficult to cope with, especially for a young or a newly diagnosed patient. 

EEG Child
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Inspired by Purple Day® – March 26, the international day for epilepsy awareness, we created Purple Day® Every Day to help make purple and epilepsy awareness important every day of the year.

Launched by The Anita Kaufmann Foundation, Purple Day® Every Day connects people just like you with epilepsy awareness initiatives and events year-round. Check out our Events page to find the events nearest you and
sign up to become a Purple Day Ambassador in your community.

Nilly Noggin EEG Cap
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The NillyNoggin® is a colorful EEG cap that is soft, comfortable, and snug. The caps are made from quality colorful fun fabrics that are sure to bring confidence to the individuals wearing them.

To learn more about our partner, Hannatopia, click here!

We would like to thank the presenting sponsor for this initiative, Eisai Inc.

Please check out the great epilepsy resources they have including EPILAPSEY and BREAKTHROUGH TV!

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