Free Epilepsy
Education Kits

School is the place where most kids spend a majority of their day outside of their home. It is imperative that teachers, administrators, staff, and students have relevant knowledge of epilepsy and know how to help someone if they have a seizure. Moreover, education and advocacy also helps eliminate the stigma of epilepsy and allows kids who live with epilepsy to connect with their peers and have a feeling of belonging while at school or participating in sports or other clubs.

We want to support the epilepsy community across the country by providing educational and advocacy materials that will create a welcoming and safe environment for those who live with epilepsy when they go to school, sports, or other clubs.

These Educational Kits will contain the following:

  • Educational materials containing seizure first aid, such as posters, flyers, and bookmarks.
  • Fun novelty items used for educational and advocacy purposes, such as seizure first aid scroll pens, purple wristbands, and purple buttons featuring our most popular phrase, “Anyone With a Brain Can Have a Seizure”.

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Epilepsy Education Kits
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