Lace Up For Epilepsy

Swap out your shoelaces for our purple laces and put some purple in your step for epilepsy awareness every day! Lace Up For Epilepsy is an epilepsy awareness campaign brought to you by Purple Day® Every Day, an initiative of The Anita Kaufmann Foundation.

Whether you’re a fitness-focused person with epilepsy or a caregiver to someone with seizures or simply someone who wants to help raise awareness about epilepsy, this program is the perfect way to put some purple in your step.The purple laces will turn heads and draw attention opening countless opportunities to bring epilepsy into conversations that might not normally touch on the topic.Whether you’re wearing these laces to the gym or on a walk, or use them at epilepsy awareness events around the globe, YOU have the power to advance epilepsy education. We’ve had people swap out their sneaker laces and even dress shoes. Some people wear them as bracelets and others pass them out at events.Post photos and videos wearing your laces – doing workouts or at epilepsy events – and use the hashtag #laceupforepilepsy so we can keep the conversation moving on social media!
Special thanks to Jazz Pharmaceuticals for sponsoring this initiative. You’ll notice their logo on the laces! Be sure to check out their website and all of their offerings related to epilepsy and neuroscience health. You can also help thank them on social media for making this campaign possible!To sign up to receive your free laces, use the form below.
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