Behind every diagnosis is a person


It’s crucial to address misunderstandings about epilepsy. That’s why this year’s virtual Purple Day® Around The World event shines a bright light on education.

Although epilepsy is widely recognized, few understand what it’s like to live with it—not even those who know someone with the disorder. Misunderstandings can cause stigma that can make epilepsy more difficult to treat and to live with.

Although the number of adults and children challenged by epilepsy in the U.S. is increasing, not everyone follows their treatment plan carefully enough to help avoid seizures. In fact, nearly 50% of people with epilepsy report having a seizure following a missed dose.

Missing doses is quite common: people are human, after all. That’s why it’s so important for patients and healthcare providers to have open conversations about lifestyle, ongoing challenges, and how well treatment is working. People with epilepsy need to let their healthcare providers know what’s happening on their treatment journey—no matter how ‘trivial’ it may seem. Healthcare providers need to know when, how, and why missed doses happen and whether side effects are getting in the way, so they can help navigate potential obstacles to treatment success. They also need to know about any seizures that happen during treatment.

The goal of seizure freedom represents a dramatic change: seizure freedom is now thought to be possible for many, though not all, patients. Healthcare providers who once focused on reducing the number of seizures now recognize seizure freedom as an achievable goal for some patients. Yet missed doses—a common occurrence—can get in the way of seizure freedom.

The inspiring stories on this blog make it clear that each person has their own unique experience with epilepsy. Sharing those unique experiences can be a critical part of the journey to seizure freedom.

EPILEPSY + LAPSE = EPILAPSEY® Managing epilepsy is an everyday thing—but lapses can happen. To learn more, visit or the EPILAPSEY Facebook page (@EPILAPSEY). The following post is written by Eisai Inc. Eisai is the presenting sponsor of the 2021 Purple Day® Around the World event.

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