The Lavender Project for Epilepsy Awareness

Planting the seeds of epilepsy awareness 

CAMPAIGN LAUNCHED AT THE SEQUIM LAVENDER FESTIVAL Sequim, Washington – Lavender Capital of North America.

Everywhere you look you can see shades of purple used to identify epilepsy awareness, whether it’s a t-shirt, tie, hat, or a piece of jewelry. VERY EXCITING TO SEE ALL THAT PURPLE! It means that we are all uniting to create a sense of family taking charge and making sure that everyone knows how to help someone…anyone, any age, in any place…who has a seizure. And, social media is driving that message across the United States and around the world.

WE WANT YOU to add a lavender garden (or just one single lavender plant) to ensure that epilepsy awareness continues to “blossom.” Visit the amazing lavender farms that are scattered around the US and around the globe, or purchase lavender plants at your favorite nursery and plant them.

 Take a picture. 

Film a short awareness video with your lavender backdrop.

Plant a sign or hold a sign in your lavender project selfie.

“Lavender for epilepsy awareness!”

Or…Write your own personal message.

Send them to us to share. Little Aubrie did! Put them on your social media sites to highlight your lavender patch for epilepsy awareness.

And, when you visit a fabulous lavender farm, be sure to leave our project bookmarks with lavender on the cover and first aid on the back. Shop-owners can make them handy for their customers and help their communities “grow” seizure first aid education all season long. Purple Day Is Every Day!

During the spring and summer of 2020, these beautiful farms graciously joined the project and made our important epilepsy awareness available to their customers:

Hood River Lavender Farm in Oregon

Hope Hill Lavender Farm in Pennsylvania

Cape Cod Lavender Farm in Massachusetts

When you’re shopping, why not take a moment to encourage people to buy lavender products? Invite them to join you and plant lavender gardens to support their neighbors and friends struggling every day with epilepsy and seizures.


Just let us know how many bookmarks you want to share, and we will send them to you free of charge. Or, download and print today!

Logan is ready to plant!

 It’s important…One out of ten people will have a seizure and most people do not know how to help them. United we will increase important epilepsy education and reduce unnecessary fear. 







Lavender Project Sponsors

 Sunovion – Acting with compassion and responsibility

In their own words, “Sunovion has a commitment to work with partners to support the local, regional and global community as part of our overall Corporate Social Responsibility efforts. Collaboration helps in meaningful ways to build stronger communities where our employees live and work, a passion shared by our people.”

Sunovion has been a valued and generous supporter for many, many years. They have supported our epilepsy awareness initiatives and Purple Day events from our Heads Up To Vets program, to our Great Purple Cupcake Project for Epilepsy Awareness, and most recently, gathered together and created (Build-a-Bear style!) teddy bears that we can offer to children with epilepsy as a gift that gives them a friend and a smile.

For Purple Day Sunovion again joined us in ensuring that epilepsy awareness continues to blossom through The Lavender Project. Employees wore purple and enjoyed the purple in their lavender garden to show our support for PurpleDayEveryDay!

For 2019, Sunovion again wanted to ensure that epilepsy awareness blooms this Spring by planting their very own lavender garden around their beautiful campus.






Lavender Projects First Sponsor Bridestow Lavender Estate

Established by the Denny family in 1922, Bridestowe Lavender Estate runs over 260 acres and is the world’s largest privately-owned lavender farm. An estimated 640,000 plants stretch across 250 miles in Nabowla, Tasmania, and make a visit to the farm an extraordinary experience.

Only true French lavender is grown and harvested, a portion is dried and the remaining flowers are distilled to extract their fine oil. The end result is premium lavender oil and flowers that are used to create a variety of beautiful products, from skin creams, teas, soaps and linen sachets to their famous Bobbie Bear heat packs and lavender pancakes.

Over 500,000 honey bees live, work and play at Bridestowe Lavender Estate. Looked after by our dedicated apiarist, they help to pollinate our lavender flowers and produce the most delightful honey.

Bridestowe’s light and sweet honey is one of the only monofloral or single flower honeys in the world. The large lavender fields of the estate and absence of other flowering plants in the area means that the bees only ever collect pollen from our lavender.

In summer, you can watch the apiarist collect honey fresh from the hives’ honeycomb and sample the purest honey within our honey processing facility.

All shades of purple are represented on their magnificent farm. And, when we reached out to the Bridestowe team with our story and a request for support of people with epilepsy they were quick to respond with a firm yes and a commitment to help in any way they can.







Bridestowe Lavender Estate

Project Sponsor…Purple Haze Lavender Farm

Owners Mike & Roz

PURPLE HAZE LAVENDER  is located in Sequim, Washington.  It’s the perfect place to explore their beautiful lavender farm, host a wedding, rent vacation space, or pick your own lavender to go.   Their organic lavender farm has incorporated the beauty and design of its fields into a landscape of gardens, orchards, ponds, wetlands and buildings. Their beautiful rows of purple is framed by a valley of open space and vistas of the Olympic Mountains. It’s a must see on a visit to Sequim.

If you want to learn about planting lavender, Purple Haze has all the info you need!


by Ann Marie Bezuyen
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Tumalo Lavender, located in Bend, Oregon, and owned and operated by Gordon and Judy Knight, occupies 10 acres with 15 varieties of lavender. Each variety was chosen based on their

Lavender Ice Cream Social!


Photo Credits @museedelalavande

The Lavender Project has grown by leaps and bounds, with many lavender farms showcasing our seizure first aid bookmarks.

The PurpleDayEveryDay Team visited the Musée de la Lavande in Coustellet, France. Both the Museum and Le Château du Bois Provence were stunning with amazing lavender fields and the scent of lavender simply filled the air. While there, the team spoke about our Lavender Project for Epilepsy Awareness and received a warm response. The Museum held a “Lavender Ice Cream Social” that was well attended. Guests enjoyed the luscious ice cream and left with seizure first aid information in French. Donations received were sent to us in support of our Lavender Project and epilepsy awareness world-wide.

In 2019 the museum again held another fabulous ice cream social with epilepsy awareness and a sweet lavender treat for everyone who visited! We are so grateful for their continued and generous support.

Visit their website for details about their beautiful museum and the lavender products they offer.



Site officiel MUSEE DE LA LAVANDE :


Boutique en ligne / Online shop :




MUSEE DE LA LAVANDE Ice Cream Social - Photo Credits @museedelalavande

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