[VIDEO] Let’s Get Physical! New Data on Physical Activity & Epilepsy

Coach Caprice O’Bryant, Purple Day® Every Day Ambassador, CEO of Excuse Free Fitness and author of Prayers Up, Weight Down sat down with Purple Day® Every Day’s Assistant Director Jim Merse to discuss important new data published in Epilepsia.

The data published in Epilepsia supports one of our key programs, Lace Up for Epilepsy, which encourages people to swap their laces out for our custom, Lace Up for Epilepsy purple laces and put some purple in their step! While not solely a fitness program, fitness-based activities are a big part of Lace Up for Epilepsy; people like to wear the laces at epilepsy awareness walks and events and to the gym.

With the data published in Epilepsia we encourage all people with epilepsy as well as their caregivers to first talk to their doctor about exercise and to sign up to receive their purple laces and get physical – in a safe way appropriate for their epilepsy management and level of fitness. For those fitness is not right for, we encourage them to swap out laces and wear them in day to day activities to help spread the word about epilepsy.

“The best part about Lace Up for Epilepsy is turning heads in the hospital unit in which I work,” said Christopher Tice, RN, and Purple Day® Every Day Ambassador. “I swapped out my laces for purple ones and now have a built-in reason to bring epilepsy awareness discussions into my day-to-day conversations with people on the floor where I work and elsewhere. I’ve lost count of how many people ask me about the laces and how many discussions about epilepsy I’ve had over the last few months; I definitely encourage people to get involved.”

If you’d like to receive YOUR set of purple laces for Lace Up For Epilepsy, check out the Lace Up for Epilepsy page on our website by clicking here. You can submit your information and we will ship your laces as soon as possible! Be sure to upload photos in your purple laces to social media and tag us and use the hashtag #laceupforepilepsy so we can share in the fun!

Before starting ANY fitness regimen, the Purple Day® Every Day team urge you to talk to your doctor. This post is not intended to convey medical advice, nor should it be taken as such. Please consult with a physician about any medical questions.

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