The Sweetest Way to Celebrate Thanksgiving This Year

An example of purple cupcakes you can serve as part of The Great Purple Cupcake Project!

If you’re looking for a way to sweeten up your Thanksgiving festivities this year, consider this: Purple Day® Every Day recently re-launched ‘The Great Purple Cupcake Project‘ offering the perfect opportunity to bring epilepsy awareness to the Thanksgiving table.

The concept is quite simple – use your creative genius to bake up some purple cupcakes that will turn some heads and get people talking about why they are purple and provide the perfectly purple chance to bring up a topic that might not normally be discussed with your Thanksgiving posse.

You can post videos and photos of your confectionery classics and share facts and figures or a personal story about epilepsy in their life or the life of someone they know. Participating bakers should use the hashtags #purpledayeveryday, #epilepsy and #epilepsyawareness as well as tag @PurpleDayEveryDay in the photos, videos and posts on social media. The Purple Day® Every Day team will repost, share and retweet anyone who tags them in posts.

Some of our Purple Day® Every Day Ambassadors like Alyssa Holmes and Tammy Smits-Sommer & her daughter McKinley (who lives with epilepsy) participated already, bringing their families and communities in on the fun.

“Being involved in The Great Purple Cupcake Project for going on 10 years, has been such a sweet and positive way for us to educate our community about epilepsy and educate them on what to do if someone has a seizure. Through The Great Purple Cupcake Project we have met and made a community of people living with epilepsy, so we feel we are truly not alone in this journey,” said Tammy Smits-Sommer, mother of Purple Day® Every Day Ambassador McKinley & owner of Blossoms in Denmark, Wisconsin. Help us by showing your purple and spreading awareness about epilepsy and educate your community, at the same time.  It’s the sweetest way to support the Epilepsy Community and we will be throwing down challenges all month to some special people in our epilepsy community.”

We challenge YOU to bake up some purple cupcakes for this Thanksgiving and talk about epilepsy with those you share the holiday with, whether that’s around a table or on a Zoom call. Take some photos, tag us and use the hashtags #purpledayeveryday, #epilepsy and #epilepsyawareness and help us spread awareness about epilepsy 365 days a year. For more information and a gallery of previous year’s cupcake creations, click here!

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