The Importance of Epilepsy Education

The strength of the epilepsy community is unbeatable, thanks to resilient patients and dutiful caregivers who are constantly searching for new ways to achieve seizure freedom. This year, Eisai, Inc is honored to support the Anita Kaufmann Foundation in their annual PurpleDay®EveryDay Homeschooled event – a weeklong conference dedicated to educating and celebrating every epilepsy patient and advocate.

Did you know that 1 in 26 people in the United States will develop epilepsy in their lifetime?This makes education a crucial part of understanding what epilepsy is, and how to support someone navigating their journey to seizure freedom. For younger children, life with epilepsy may be challenging, but working closely with an epileptologist or neurologist, having supportive caregivers and finding a medication that accommodates your lifestyle are all key steps in managing the condition.

In 2015, about 470,000 children in the United States have epilepsy, but every diagnosis and patient are different. No matter a child’s age or background, Eisai is committed to empowering them through accessible education. Through our partnership with Jumo Health, a collection of Medikidz® comic books use animated superheroes to explain medical conditions to children by providing accurate and engaging information for young people and their families. In addition to the comic books, resources that offer tools on managing epilepsy and share real-world testimonials from people living with epilepsy are available on

No matter where a person is on their journey to seizure freedom, every person’s story is important, and we’re proud to uplift and empower these voices.

By Rebecca Moran, Associate Director, Corporate Advocacy at Eisai Inc.


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