Summer Fun and Getting the Purpose Done

Hello everyone!

I hope you all have been able to get some sort of rest and relaxation, and something fun in for yourself this summer! As my life continues to change and I approach the stage of my life where my daughter is growing up and wanting more and more of her own independence, I am searching for who I am again. Thus, I have started reaching out to advocate for Epilepsy Awareness in my community, but I also took some extra “me” time this summer.

I’ve just started small, but I’m dreaming BIG!


Allow me to take you on a photo journey of my summer!

Woman sitting on chair in hair salon

Getting all gussied up and getting the message out at the same time with my dear friend and favorite hair stylist, Lavonne. She also has a loved one that suffers with Epilepsy. Just last week I went back into the salon, I was so touched to see that Lavonne had her poster up at her station and her bookmarks and pens readily available to give out to all her clients. Thank you so much for your support and advocacy Lavonne!

Women on a sandy beach wearing sunglasses and hat

Me getting some rest and relaxation at the beach with some a close friend of mine and her daughters.

Two women paragliding

I did something I have wanted to do, but NEVER thought I would be able to do. But with the encouragement of my friend Holly, great staff and Captain on the boat, and MANY prayers, I went parasailing!!!! I went through so many emotions on this ride, including GUILT, telling myself, that someone like me shouldn't be doing something like this. I was strapped in extra tight, I had taken my meds, and we went on a morning while I was feeling really good. My friend Holly was an AMAZING support reminding me that I had every right to get as much out of life as anyone life. I recognize that we all have limitations, and I still have many, but that day, I WAS able to parasail, and I was very thankful for it!

Woman spinning hula hoop on sandy beach

Hula hooping on the beach with my sister Shelley!

Woman spinning hula hoop on sandy beach

My sister Shelley hula hooping on the beach. She has been an extremely important part of my support system, and one of her passions is to hula hoop-no matter where she is. This picture is a reminder to do whatever it is that brings you JOY!

Women wearing red t-shirts

I had the privilege to go on a 2nd trip to the beach with my girlfriends for over 30 years now. It was absolutely amazing, and I will never forget it. Friendship is never about quantity, but quality!

Women wearing red t-shirts

I had the absolute honor to meet this amazing woman, Nichole Carver. I truly believe that God meant us for us to meet. She is the mother, and truly amazing care giver of her sweet and mighty 3-year-old son, Hudson who doctors state has Gaucher's Disease. Hudson has fought many seizures along the way as well. I volunteered at his benefit, and at the last minute decided to make "Epilepsy Awareness" goody bags to be given out, along with Epilepsy posters being hung around the event. I truly hope to work with her and help her however I can in the future. She really is an inspiration as a caregiver!

Goody bags for epilepsy awareness

Picture of goody bags made for the event. All of the items were given to me to distribute for Epilepsy Awareness by the Anita Kaufman Foundation!
Thank you so much! 

Goody bags for epilepsy awareness

This picture is the most exciting one for me because it shows me doing what I hope to be doing a lot more of. This was the very first speaking engagement that I did for Epilepsy Awareness with the Jasper Lions Club. They were a wonderful group of individuals and do a lot of great things for their community. I also gave them goody bags as well. Many thanks go out to the Anita Kaufman Foundation for your materials and support! 

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Author: Lynn Palmer
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