Purple Day Asia

Purple Day® Around The World 2021 Virtual Epilepsy Education Conference

A Strive To End Stigma!

Purple Day Asia was established in 2018 with the aim of representing Purple Day in Asia in partnership with Anita Kaufmann Foundation (AKF). The idea originally commenced in Japan in 2013 under the name of Purple Day Japan, with the joint initiative of Doctor Toshihiko Fukuchi, Director of Suzukake Clinic, and Debra Joseph, the executive director of AKF.

We established Purple Day Asia to end the stigma and negativity that people in Asian countries usually have toward epilepsy. We have also attended the international congresses in year 2017 to 2019. We exchanged our new knowledges to others in order to communicate to the foreign participants about the epilepsy awareness, and also we gave out handcraft goods for the participants. Through our activities, we want to enlighten people to avoid having fear of people with epilepsy and spread messages of welcoming and acceptance. Furthermore, we want to send a message to the people with epilepsy that they are not all alone and we are here to help them enjoy and to live life with positive mindset. We’ll stand together until all the vestiges of stigma vanishes in all societies!




Miyagi Kanako

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