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Helping Put a Smile on Epilepsy

Hannahtopia is an online boutique that offers products to bring a little “happy” to those living with special needs and facing medical challenges. These products take minds away from sterile medical environments and to a fun, colorful, HAPPY place! Happiness is healthy and helps with the healing process!

Hannahtopia’s signature product which was created by the founders, is the NillyNoggin® EEG Cap! A must have when getting an EEG. It simply makes the EEG experience a bit more HaPpY and comfortable all while providing a confidence boost as everyone loves to see and talk about the NillyNoggin! They help take the sterile medical look out of the EEG!

Looking for a fun way to get a NillyNoggin EEG Cap? Then check out the Warrior Troop Program for Warriors battling Epilepsy and become an Exclusive Member!

The online boutique has many other colorful products as well such as G-Tube Covers and Colorful Oversized Incontinence Pads!

Hannahtopia was created by Heather and Hannah, a special needs mom and daughter duo living with complex medical challenges for families living with similar challenges. Hannah has been living with severe epilepsy for 17 years. Creating a bit of happy and comfort for those living with the challenges of epilepsy is their passion.





Heather Shuker 

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