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Are you or a loved one living with a neurologic disorder? Are you seeking answers about what it all means and how to adapt to new changes in your life? Do you need reliable information presented in a clear and engaging style? Then look no further than Brain & Life®, a FREE bimonthly print magazine and website on neurology for everyday living from the American Academy of Neurology.

Brain & Life® is focused on the intersection of neurologic disease and brain health. Through diverse perspectives, Brain & Life seeks to connect with readers through news and stories not found anywhere else. Read about a range of topics including epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, concussion, Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders, neuropathy, sleep disorders, migraines and much, much more—all vetted and approved by trusted neurologists.

A print subscription to Brain & Life (six issues a year) is available for FREE at to anyone residing in the United States who is interested in learning more about neurologic conditions and how to live well with them. All content, plus online exclusives, are also available on

Brain & Life is an official publication and website of the American Academy of Neurology—comprised of more than 36,000 of the world’s best and brightest neurologists. 



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