Poem by Corlissa Moses

This poem sums up how I feel.

Now I lay me down to sleep don’t let these seizures take me away todayI pray so hard everyday. Everyday I wonder am I going to have a seizure today.

Everyday is a battle because you don’t know when and where one will occur.

Now I lay me down to sleep these flashing light these flashing light got my eyesblinking really bad I can feel a seizure coming on.

Now I lay me down to sleep will someone turn the stupid fire alarm offthe noise the noise is getting to me.

I’m praying I’m praying that a seizure won’t occur too late too lateon the ground shaking and shakingmy eyes rolling back and I am foaming at the mouth.

Now I lay me down to sleep


This is dedicated to all who are fighting or lost the fight.Author: Corlissa Moses

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