Janice the person NOT Janice the girl with epilepsy!

Janice MacGregor’s take on real Friends and epilepsy.

Janice MacGregor is from Saskatchewan, Canada. She has had epilepsy with tonic clonic and absence  seizures for eighteen years. Janice does not let epilepsy define her and has as normal a life as possible while on an ever-changing cocktail of AED’s. She graduated from university with High Honours, was on the Dean’s List, is a lifetime member of the Golden Key International Honors Society and is a volunteer teacher in Tanzania. She models, acts, and is a pageant enthusiast involved in everything from competing to judging to mentoring and coaching. She has had local level pageant titles (representing Saskatoon), provincial titles (representing Saskatchewan), national level titles (representing Canada), and is currently an international level queen holding the title of Miss Regal World 2020/21 (representing Guyana). She is a huge fan of the Backstreet Boys and Elvis and visiting Graceland is one of the highlights of her life. During hockey season her time is preoccupied with the Edmonton Oilers but she can always find time to check out live music by local artists. 
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