Project EPI

Project EPI - Epilepsy in Poland

In Poland, the disease has two names:
Legal name – “Padaczka”
Medical Name – “Epilepsja”


Projet EPI was created by Mr. Piotr, who has been suffering from epilepsy since 1998. It connects three websites:

The EPI project is a non-profit organization. It broadens the awareness of epilepsy in Poland thanks to its promotion on the Internet and Social Media.
Mr. Piotr creates info-graphics on epilepsy on his own and educates the community that it is possible to live with the disease. Organizes purple illumination of buildings from 2019.

In Poland, over 300,000 people suffer from epilepsy, many of them need care, work, empathy …
Our slogan – We are, we live and we suffer from epilepsy in society.


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