Project T.E.E.N.

Teens Experiencing Epilepsy Now

Sofia Quintana

Project T.E.E.N. is a service project dedicated to helping teenagers staying in epilepsy monitoring units achieve self-care during VEEGS. This project will give teenagers on the neurological floor of hospitals access to hygiene products that aren’t usually provided to them. I started this project because, during an EEG hospital stay, you have electrodes attached to your head, making it so you are confined to your bed. You will not be able to take a shower or perform other hygiene tasks. My project will raise awareness for this as well as put together care packages that give teens access to keep themselves clean and comfortable while staying in their hospital beds.

I started this project because I have experienced this multiple times. I was diagnosed with epilepsy in third grade and have had to undergo many VEEGs. When I was younger, I was fine with it but as I grew older, I could not stand not being able to maintain self-care. To me, we must provide teenagers with resources to allow them to continue self-care. Through Project T.E.E.N., we provide care packages with hygiene essentials as well as self-care necessities.

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