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March 26, 2016

An epilepsy awareness event in and around one of the biggest Kyiv shop-mall, called Ocean Plaza, crowded with people on weekends.


  • enlighten  facts on epilepsy to people on the streets (distribute additional information on request)
  • shoot video materials and upload on YouTube to show the level of awareness in Ukraine
  • inform people on how to provide first aid help to person with epilepsy
  • share information about Purple Day

An epilepsy ambassador of Purple Day in Kyiv with a team,  equipped with video camera and microphone, wearing super style purple outfit, presenting as a blogger  will go inside the crowd with 3 sets of simple questions to ask to people:

1) What is “epilepsy”? If yes, Is it manageable|curable?

2) What are you going to do if someone near you have a seizure? Are you familiar with any first aid recommendations?  If not, materials on epilepsy first aid can be shared with web page links of Purple Day and Local Epilepsy Patient Communities.

3) Do you think person with epilepsy can live a normal life? If yes, allow to greet people with epilepsy and encourage them.

Interviews will be recorded on the video and uploaded on the official YouTube channel of the online epilepsy patient community www.epiup.com.ua

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