Purple day epilepsy awareness for Emily White’s Senior Project

March 26, 2015

This is for my senior project and I did it on Epilepsy. I have a story behind epilepsy. I have had this since I was four. It was on the day Dale Earnhart Sr. died in the car crash in the Nascar race in 2001. My mother noticed that my face was turning blue and I stopped breathing. They rushed me to the hospital. My mother was so worried about me. When I was in third grade I had one at school. Then I was on a school bus coming home from a band tournament and it happened. I just got cleared by my neurologist that I could drive and the next day I was going to go take my learners and then I had one. I didn’t know what happened. Then my mom told me. I was so sad. I wanted to drive just like all of my other friends.

So I wanna raise awareness and make sure that everyone knows how much of a deal epilepsy is. I want to help all 50,000,000 people all over the world with epilepsy.

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