Epilepsy Storylines App Launch

March 26, 2015 – March 26, 2016

Living Well With Epilepsy and Self Care Catalysts have partnered to bring you a new app called Epilepsy Storylines. The app will be available on March 26 just in time for Purple Day.

Everyone’s health story is important. Epilepsy Storylines, lets individuals use the power of their own story to personalize care, create a support network, and influence the way medicine cares for people with the same condition in the future.

What can the app do?

Track Seizures – Record frequency and gain insights

Learn about Seizure First-Aid – Learn about the 4Rs of seizure response

Record Appointments – Note down all appointments to stay organized

Track medication – Add multiple medications and set reminders

Track Daily Mood – Track your own emotional health

Create your circle of support – Share your story with your loved ones


Epilepsy Storylines was created with guidance from people living with epilepsy to support those living with epilepsy and their caregivers to make the best possible daily health decisions based on the self-discovery that the app can enable.

The Circle of Support allows users to invite who they want, when they want, to include in their circle of support. This can include family, peers and others affected by epilepsy. They can message or share their health data with whomever they choose.

The analytics dashboard can even be shared with their health care provider to enable more informed and focused discussions with a view of real world behaviors over time.

How to download and create an account:
Create your account by signing up at epilepsy.healthstorylines.com or through downloading the mobile app in the iTunes Store or on Google Play by searching for epilepsy storylines. You can access your account anytime via web and mobile on your computer, tablet and phone.

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