Bounce Out The Stigma – Purple Party! 2016

April 02, 2016

The Epilepsy Foundation Western/Central PA (EFWCP) will present  “Bounce Out the Stigma,” a program which will take place on Saturday, April 2, 2016 for up to forty 10-17 year olds who have epilepsy as a primary diagnosis.  The morning program consists of a hands-on basketball clinic provided by Mike Simmel to promote his message of overcoming life’s obstacles and dealing with peer pressures.  With an exciting display of wizardry and fun, Mike amazes youth with his basketball magic but also speaks to groups of all ages about empowerment and an anti-bullying message.  After the clinic is complete, youth will join their families who are attending a coinciding roundtable event about epilepsy support and care.  During the afternoon, youth and their families will enjoy lunch demonstration of Mike’s unique talents.  Epilepsy Awareness Day, also known as Purple Day, will be celebrated as part of this event at the EFWCP Annual Purple Party.


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