March 26, 2017

Purple Day – 26 Martie 2017

World Day Epilepsy (Purple Day) Patients with Epilepsy Association of Romania – ASPERO continues for the sixth consecutive year series shares information in order to underline the awareness of the impact of this disease on patients and their families.
This year we continue our efforts to educate, raise awareness and social awareness about the problems faced by people sick. Constant desire to be with those who suffer, to help them to pass more easily over the problems that these diseases and to support them in order to go forward with confidence is the priority objective of ASPERO.
The campaign this year will enjoy for a week for a picture with a strong visual impact, achieved by a spot information broadcast on LCD screens in all subway stations, and through a poster sticker on the back of buses in the network transportation that crosses the capital. Friday, March 25 and Monday, March 27th we will continue raising awareness, awareness and education about the disease among students. Action will continue in the week “Otherwise School” .Totodata to requests from patients and medical specialists have re-edited information guide for patients epilepsie.Editate in a format friendly, dedicated educational materials containing information on epilepsy patients and its treatment, first aid in case of crisis and to prevent them, legislative information and advice profesiei.Ghidul choice was supported by Abbott and in collaboration with the Society of Neurology in Romania.
The day will conclude with an exciting time with our partner Bluparty organized during which will distribute balloons and thematic information materials.

Epilepsy affects about 500,000 Romanians, according to experts estimations. Moreover, this disorder respond to drug treatment only 70% of cases, such as 3 of the 10 patients are unable to control the disease, because some forms of the disease are resistant to drug therapy and require different interventions or treatments or adecvate.5 In worldwide, 1 in 100 people suffer from this disease. 

Dr. Ioana proud neurologist: “The public should be informed about the danger he represents this disease and the support needed by those who are sick. Beyond information and education, we need more resources and more support to treat patients suffering from this condition. We need more treatment centers epilepsy. We need to offer patients access to modern medicines, investigations and equipment. “ 

“When we talk about epilepsy, I think the word that best defines stigma. Epileptic patients are labeled, are marginalized, they hardly find a job, and all they lack education. Others do not understand the nature of this disease, as it is very easy to be scared. If we knew what to do if we are witnessing a crisis, many lives could be saved and myths surrounding epilepsy would be reduced considerably. This is where we, the representatives of those affected by epilepsy. We want to teach people how to behave if they are witnessing a crisis and we want to convey that people with epilepsy need understanding and social acceptance, to live a normal life, “says Ileana Stefan, Director executive ASPERO.


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