Did You Know Solar & Lunar Eclipses, Phases of the Moon, Solar Flares, and Even Storms Could Trigger Seizures in Dogs With Epilepsy?

It’s November and that means it is Epilepsy Awareness Month. I’ll be talking here about seizures related to Canine Epilepsy. With the recent October’s Great American Eclipse (Annular Solar Eclipse) and our full moon phases, did you know that things such as eclipses (both solar and lunar), as well as solar flares, atmospheric changes, pressure, and yes, even weather can possibly trigger seizures in dogs with #epilepsy? In my article “How to Prepare Your Dog For the Solar Eclipse” I include important info to keep on hand, including items for an Epi First Aid Kit and things to do ahead of time and during, if needed. My motto with my Epi-warrior and #LiveGibStrong namesake, Gibson, was “always be prepared.”






For more extensive information regarding the possible trigger effects of solar eclipses, lunar phases, and atmospheric changes on dogs living with epilepsy (Epi-dogs), click on the image below for my article Can Solar Flares, Lunar Phases, Eclipses, and Weather Changes Trigger Seizures in Dogs With Epilepsy? My article features important information from neurology vet specialists and other experts of Canine Epilepsy, including webinar, podcasts, and more.






While a seizure may or may not be trigged by an eclipse,  full moon, storms, or a solar flare, it is always better to be ready.

You can learn more about the eclipse and follow the path map here: https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/solar/2023-october-14

May these phenomena be seizure-free events for all.

To read my article on other possible seizure triggers for dogs, click on the image below.



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