Creating A Community for Epilepsy Support

“Thank you so much, this brought many smiles to our team let alone to the patients and families who will be receiving them!”

– Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia


As November shines a spotlight on epilepsy awareness and care, it’s important to recognize how every person’s age, environment or lifestyle contributes to finding an effective epilepsy management plan. A child’s epilepsy journey can be daunting, but with the Kindness Box, we can provide comfort and guidance as loved ones and patients alike navigate epilepsy treatment and adjust to a new normal.

At Eisai, we’re guided by our human healthcare (hhc) mission that focuses on patients and their families.

Our responsibility at Eisai to patients and their families is to listen and learn from them. Every epilepsy journey is different, and we strive to help the more than 3 million patients and caregivers find the best treatment options to achieve and maintain seizure freedom.

With nearly 50% of epilepsy patients reporting having a seizure following a missed medication dose, caregivers can help limit the risk of a breakthrough seizure by understanding a patient’s daily routines, hobbies or other stress factors. By working closely with a healthcare provider or epileptologist, patients can also find a medicine that accommodates their lifestyle.

Beyond advocating for epilepsy patients, we also recognize the importance of having a dedicated community of caregivers that can help a child navigate their epilepsy, especially during the early stages of diagnosis. Whether you’re a family member, friend or just want to learn more about epilepsy, there are resources like that offer tips and tools for helping your loved one, is filled with information on how to help a child with epilepsy, and how to become a supportive caretaker.

This month and beyond, Eisai remains committed to empowering the epilepsy community. By sharing educational resources with the larger community, continuing to innovate in the science behind the disease, and serving as a resource for caregivers, we’re thankful for any patient we’re able to impact in their journey to seizure freedom.


Author: Kristy Como, Executive Director, Epilepsy Sales & Marketing at Eisai Inc.


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