Adventures and Advocacy

Hi Everyone! I know it’s been a while between blogs again, but my summer and fall have both been jam packed with traveling adventures and Advocacy for Epilepsy. This has truly been one of the best years of my life.
I joined forces with a local organization in my community called the Cherokee County Coalition for Suicide Prevention. My passion is not only Epilepsy Awareness, but also the high risks of suicide that can come with Epilepsy. By connecting with this wonderful group, it has opened many doors for me to get the word out about Epilepsy, and The Anita Kaufman Foundation has graciously provided me the materials to do so!
I came up with the idea to hand out informational goody bags because they’re easy to distribute to both adults and children. It is only in the Adult goody bags that I discuss the connections between Epilepsy and taking one’s life.
So far, everyone has been very receptive to the item, and some meaningful conversations have also taken place.
I cannot be more thankful to The Anita Kaufman Foundation for supporting me and my mission. I truly would not be able to do this without them. Don’t worry though, it’s not been all work and no play. I’ve taken a few more trips since Hawaii this summer, and they were great, but I’m ready to rest for a while.
I’m truly trying to live my life to it’s fullest and not take another day for granted, ever again. I will let my pictures tell you the rest of the story. May you all have a wonderful holiday season! 


Lynn Palmer

Adventures & Advocacy

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Labor 4 Hope Run for Cherokee County Suicide Prevention Coalition

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