A Poem About Epilepsy by Alyssa Damico

Author: Alyssa Damico


Epilepsy is a part of me

You can take it or leave it

Because it may not go away

As a matter of fact

It may be here to stay

Am I OK? Yes I am!

Standing up straight

Facing the reality of life

Accepting every part, and possibility for it

Continuing to carry on

Have fun, enjoy myself, do favorite things

Try to make sure there is a smile on my face

But emotions fluctuate

Not every day is perfect

Life is like a ride going up and down

Researching the condition reminding myself

What the chemistry is

When a seizure happens

Stay strong

There is nothing wrong

Back to normal

Whatever that means

Let me continue with what I am going to do

Epilepsy is a part of me

Which makes me unique

In a different way

Keep my head up

And never give up


Cause winners never quit

Quitters never win

And I chose to be a winner


Note from Alyssa: Remember every day and every way we get stronger and stronger.

Never give up, even though things can be difficult.

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