Lace Up for Epilepsy

What better way to include purple in your day-to-day activities than to add a dash of purple to your step? Tie up your favorite sneakers or any lace-up shoe with purple shoelaces and the message “Lace Up For Epilepsy!” And…..look for Step Up For Epilepsy in Ohio and visit

Put Some Purple in Your Step

Wear them at work and at play. Be creative! Tie them on as a bracelet. Wear them in your hair. Send us pictures showing how you wear your purple laces. They are sure to start a conversation and give you the opportunity to share important insight into your life or the life of your loved one with epilepsy. Why not seize the opportunity to communicate first aid facts!

You can use purple laces at any hometown activity, awareness day at a hospital, diversity day at school, or public health fair. “Lace Up For Epilepsy” laces can also tie sneakers worn during epilepsy walks, and can be used by professional athletes and students alike during sporting activities and school spirit days as a show of support.

The possibilities are endless! With your help, “Lace Up For Epilepsy” can bring a new approach to any awareness activity you plan.

We look forward to seeing you make great strides in epilepsy awareness!

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