#readmylips – Anyone with a brain can have a seizure®

#readmylips: Anyone with a brain can have a seizure

Launched at the First Annual Purple Day®  for Epilepsy Awareness Around the World on March 25, 2018, at Wald Disney World® in Orlando, Florida, the #readmylips awareness campaign offers us all one more way to start the important conversation.

The mission of The Anita Kaufmann Foundation was established by its late Founder Anita. She often felt that the stigma she experienced was far worse and more punishing than the seizures she endured. And, so, all our programs, initiatives and materials are designed to eliminate that stigma through epilepsy education and awareness.

Navigating perceptions away from the negative myths and misconceptions that still surround epilepsy can be challenging. And, we rely on persons with epilepsy, family members and friends, to take that journey with us.

The first 100 persons in the US who reach out to us in support of this initiative will receive a free #readmylips T-shirt from our event! Postage and handling will apply for orders outside of the US.


  • Wear your t-shirt or a great shade of purple lipstick.
  • Invite friends and ask them to wear purple.
  • Take a picture.
  • Film a short video reading the #readmylips: Anyone with a brain can have a seizure message.
  • Post on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., sites.
  • Send your picture or video to us so that we can share your support throughout the US and around the globe!

Let’s get the conversation started!

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Call Debra at 201-655-0420

Email Debra at debra@akfus.org with your shirt size and complete mailing address.

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