Free Seizure First Aid Education



The Anita Kaufmann Foundation initiated a program to provide free seizure first aid training sessions at New York City restaurants. Our first restaurant was Artisanal. Many restaurant employees told us they had already witnessed a patron having a seizure, and that this training taught them how to deal with the situation.

In addition to restaurant employees, we have provided either seizure first training or free first aid materials to hotel concierges’ in New York, California and Nevada. We also continue to provide seizure first aid training to other retail and corporate businesses as well as schools, fire departments, police departments and community organizations. We take every opportunity to provide a training or first aid materials any time or any where in the world!

Please contact Debra Josephs at 201-655-0420 or fill out our contact form if you would like us to provide FREE seizure first aid training to your workplace, organization or private group. Seizure Recognition and First Aid Training and Train-the-Trainer Sessions are now also available to individuals via Skype.

Please DONATE today so that we can continue to provide our seizure first aid training and materials free of charge.

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