Emma’s message to parents…

We were getting ready to go out of town to visit family. Dad was getting ready to go in the bedroom. I was waiting in the living room when Laura came walking out of her bedroom. As she passed the stairs to downstairs she fell down and started shaking. As she fell she hit her head on the wall. She just kept shaking and her eyes rolled. I ran down the hall screaming for my Dad. He came and I could tell he was scared too. Laura’s seizures had always been where she had strange movements of her body or her facial expressions. She never fell and shook like that before. My Mom came home right away from work.

I was scared and confused by why things were different this time. Seeing my Dad look nervous and kind of scared, and my Mom looking so worried made it ten times worse. I didn’t understand what was happening. I didn’t want to ask questions because they were already upset. Laura was alright, but because this was a change my parents decided we wouldn’t go to my cousin’s. I understood but it made me kind of sad too because I really wanted to go.

It would have helped me to feel better if my parents would have explained what happened to Laura and why it was different this time.


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