Vesna Jelincic

Dear friends,

I have epilepsy since I was 13 years old (focal impaired awareness seizures). I have to take medication two times a day for 30 years, now, but I find myself as a happy person because being an epileptic had never affected any part of my life. I have blessing of giving love and being loved from my husband, my family and my friends. I have been an A-student, a ballet dancer, a guitar and tambourine player and I have a masters degree in architecture. I work as an architect but my hobby is leading a charity organization and volunteer center in my little town of Samobor, Croatia for four years now. I want to show people and testify with my own example how life can be good although a person suffers from this desease. Purple Day is my way of doing this testimony. I have organized Purple bike-rides for two years now, in 2016. and in 2017. on March 26. in my town of Samobor. Croatian Association for Epilepsy gave us their support and helped us with promotional flyers and purple souvenirs. More than 100 citizens have come to support us both times dispite the cloudy and rainy weather. We have posted photographs on

Thank you Cassidy Megan for giving me this opportunity!

Age Diagnosed: 13
Location: Croatia

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