Thabiso Mailula

Thabiso is a communication specialist with a background in psychology and coaching to change people’s lives, relationships and career journeys through Personal Development Coaching and Mental Health Coaching.

Thabiso is also a Managing Partner at Beyond Ability Talent Solutions which is a recruitment company for people with disabilities. He also consults at this company as a Learning and Development Manager providing learning solutions for hr professional, line managers and their teams.

Being passionate about transforming lives, he started his own company called Perception In Motion in 2013. Based on the notion that there’s no reality only perception and motion is motivation.

Through his company Thabiso Mailula has helped transform many lives as an NLP life coach, motivational and personal development speaker and a public speaking mentor.

He is also an Activator working passionately to empower the youth of South Africa with a specific focus on gender specific topics and people with disabilities.

Thabiso’s motto is “Be the change you want to be, Finish n Klaar”. #PerceptionInMotion

Age Diagnosed: Not diagnosed family member has epilepsy
Location: South Africa

Hobbies: Empowering men and women with epilepsy

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