Terri Sharkey

My son has had epilepsy since he was 8 years old and he is 19 now. Epilepsy is a disorder that makes some people uncomfortable because they don’t know what it is and they think its scary. I would like that to change. If more people learn about epilepsy and start talking about it then it won’t be so scary. I also would like to see more research and development done on treatments for epilepsy. My son has had epilepsy for 11 years and there have not been many treatment improvements. There are millions of people with epilepsy and by comparison not much money is spent on research. I have seen some increase in funding in the past few years however much more could be done to help epileptics live a normal life. One thing in particular that interested me was a watch like device that could detect if a person was having a seizure and send a message to someone for help. There are so many more things like this that could help if we get creative and have the funding.

Age Diagnosed: Son, age 8, now 19
Location: USA

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