Sohaila Hashemi

I have epilepsy since age eight . Growing up in Afghanistan and living with epilepsy made me realize epilepsy awareness is extremely low in Afghanistan and  what challenges every epileptic person in Afghanistan is facing. There are many Afghan women, men and childre who have epilepsy and are suffering from social stigmas which resulted to thier educational exclusion, silence, lack of access to medication and so on.  So I started, Purple Life Awareness Program in Kabul to break the silence and advocate for epileptic Afghans. It is the frist ever epilepsy awareness campaign in whole history of Afghanistan. This program through the trainings covered about 200 people from different categories including children, youths, school teachers and parents. Plus, we did social media awareness campaign which had up to 2000 engagement acticities among Afghan online community. Currently I am working on my new organization called Purple Life Afghanistan who will work on life enhancement of people living with epilepsy in Afghanistan.  I have big dreams and commitment to make a change in Afghanistan regarding epilepsy. Long way to go, but very hopeful.  In near future on 26 of March, I am planning to set a half marathon in Kabul in purpose of raising awareness about epilepsy and advocate for thier human rights through sport. 

Location: Afghanistan

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