Sean Hamilton

I am 28, I live in and was born In London.

Although epilepsy hasn’t always been a part of my life, health and medicine certainly have, from growing up in and around hospitals, to my life long dream of being a paramedic, which, sadly, due health and safety are among some reasons it is not possible in a traditional sense.

Technology and IT have been a big part of my life from always using a laptop back in school due to eye conditions which meant I had to wear glasses. Even still, I often struggled to see classroom boards. Much of my childhood was, for the most part, the same as many others, apart from the always being the quietest and shyest kid in the class. In school, especially secondary, my two best subjects were art and IT.

My life up til now has certainly boasted some very exciting and often amazing experiences, some of which I wouldn’t change for the world, Even my epilepsy and seizures, which if you asked me about 8 years ago I would have said otherwise, and probably told you that my epilepsy like some of my other health conditions has changed my life absolutely. Along the way I have to admit I have experienced more than a few down and depressive moments.

But now I just try to keep moving forward and turning my epilepsy into part of my fuel, motivation and drive that keeps me going. Those I met, spoke and connected with along the way especially across the epilepsy are among what inspires me.

I could tell how we believe. I developed my epilepsy when I was 19 and became a way of studying business. I got attacked twice and  I could talk more about what I am doing at War On Epilepsy to help to empower the whole epilepsy community. My biggest passion is my work and hopefully, the best reward will be when we help, improve, change or save the life or lives of one or more of the 65 million people around the world living with epilepsy.

Age Diagnosed: 20
Location: United Kingdom

Hobbies: networking - talking to and meeting new people, getting out and get active when and how I can. Helping others, Technology, Learning more about my own and others Health and finding ways to try Improve, Building and developing my business, Talking about Epilepsy and raising awareness, tackling the stigma around Epilepsy but also mental health too, trying new sports and activities when and how I can, Medical devices and medical technology, supporting and helping charities at every available opportunity

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