Nkululeko Yeni

This past Thursday (9/1/16) I lay my eldest brother aged 46 to rest. He had lived with Epilepsy for over 15 years due to a head injury. He was a diligent and hardworking man, but the quality of his life was slowly and gradually compromised due to his condition. Though on medication and frequently able to be self sufficient,  he relied on the support and overseeing of others. The past two years, after an operation for a blood clot in the brain, were our families hardest as we rallied around him, ensuring that he lived in a closer vicinity and in a better care facility. On the 22 of August he was rushed to Local Government Hospital, but he ultimately succumb on 28th of August 2016 due to complications relating to pneumonia, which lead his seizures being more violent and frequent . A week of reflection, “maybes and what ifs”… lead us to realizing, so few of us truly understood what Epilepsy is and how it affected his life. I hope to join your Awareness Campaign so as to make a difference in educating people about Epilepsy.

















Location: Zambia

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