Natalie Blanco

Even though epilepsy has affected my life in massive ways, it doesn’t define who I am entirely. I am a motivated young adult with a passion for fashion and makeup. My dream is to eventually own my own makeup company. I had this same dream and these passions when I was merely a toddler sitting in my hospital bed after my second brain surgery. Going through all I went through from the early ages of my life has shaped me to be the person I am today.

I was not the only little girl with  dreams and passions sitting in a hospital bed with my head wrapped up, but there were times where I felt I was. I want to be an ambassador to help those little girls and boys to see that they’re not alone and they can still accomplish any goal they may have .

Age Diagnosed: 4
Location: USA

Hobbies: Makeup, fashion, movies, acting, dancing, and singing.

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