Natalie Blanco

I am a soon to be 20 year old girl with a passion. I’m very passionate about makeup but I’m also passionate about life itself. Being diagnosed with epilepsy and having to undergo four brain surgeries forced me to learn at an early age that life it short and should never be taken for granted. Do what you love while you can there is no time for second guessing. I think this has a lot to do with why I’m a bit of a dare devil. I’m always wanting to do something adventurous whether it be skydiving or swimming with sharks. People may call me crazy for doing or wanting to do these activities but in my opinion in doing these activities there’s always a moment. A moment where time slows and you truly appreciate everything around you. When I’m not doing an extravagant special effects makeup look I often find myself  researching new adventures to go on. Being diagnosed with epilepsy did not stop me from living my life. The brain surgeries left me with a limp and limited function on my right hand. At first it was hard to cope with but I’ve learned to embrace it because every time I look at my hand I am reminded that I have been seizure free for 12 years, and on July 13th at 7:23 am it’ll be 13 years. So yes my right hand is a little funky and yes I have a limp. But I’m also a girl who loves makeup and adventure. I’m a girl who’s going to go far in life…even with this limp

Age Diagnosed: 22 months
Location: USA

Hobbies: Makeup and going on adventures.

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