Molly Tate


I was diagnosed at age 16 and it took a long time to find my way. I’m not really sure if one with this disease ever does fully  but I have found a path that suits me and that is helping other people.I gravitated to the spa  industry at a young age  with a desire to help people feel better about themselves. An Esthetician and makeup artist by trade, I decided to further my career and became a Esthetics instructor specializing in continuing education. I found that teaching fellow professionals the skills and knowledge I had obtained over the years very fulfilling and progressed to management to continue to help others navigate in their selected fields. I am happily married with a daughter  with whom I spend most of my free time. I am now 35 years old and still fighting everyday to keep a positive outlook and hope for the day that things change for people with epilepsy. I recently found out that my birthday (March 26th) is the day of this international awareness and it touched my heart. I wish I had know of this before. Now its my turn to help others become aware!

Age Diagnosed: 16
Location: USA

Hobbies: Spa Industry,Makeup Artist,Writer

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