Michelle Sajjad

My name is Michelle Sajjad, I am 23 years old from Greensboro, North Carolina studying to be a future dentist one day and I have been diagnosed with epilepsy for almost 11 years now. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I found out there was an Epilepsy Awareness Day and since then every year I spread the awareness, encourage my family and friends to wear purple, donate to the Epilepsy foundation, etc. Living with Epilepsy is extremely tough, especially when it comes to my education. The hassle of medication along with depression makes life so much harder but I know I’m not alone, this one day out of the year makes me realize we have to continue to fight, fight for awareness, fight for our voices to be heard because we are always stronger together.

Age Diagnosed: 13
Location: USA

Hobbies: Traveling, hiking, cooking, dancing, watching movie/television shows, shopping, working out.

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