Michelle Estrella

I am trying to raise awareness about seizure conditions and different types of epilepsy. My daughter had her first seizure at 7 months old and it was the WORST day of our lives, followed by more frightening days. Her seizure lasted 1.5 hours. They gave her Ativan 3 times which caused her airways to collapse and caused her to need to be bagged for 45 whole minutes and her heart rate was up to 277. I will NEVER forget that day and the way I felt. I cried, begged and prayed for a miracle and the doctors didn’t know what more to do. We were at a local emergency department that didn’t have a PICU and didn’t specialize in children. We were transferred to a great Children’s hospital in a different city once they were able to stabilize her. We are adjusting to our new normal, and while searching for information we came up empty. There is not enough information out there and my goal is to change that and paint my city purple for my warrior princess.

Location: USA

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