Matthew Uthe

I am 11 year old boy who has several different types of seizures.  Medications did not work for me and now using IVIG to treatment my seizures.  It is working and I feel a lot better not taking all those different medications with awful side effects.  I like to do many things and don’t want people to treat me differently.  It is hard sometimes for others to understand what is happening to me when I am having a seizure but also why I am not able to always pay attention when I am with someone.  I don’t fully understand what happens to me when I have a seizure as I don’t remember anything of the event.  My mom likes to tell me jokes when I am in a seizure.  She says it helps me through the seizure and the rest of the family.

I hope the scientists and doctors find a cure for seizures but until then I am glad you start this day to help others understand what happens to me and not be afraid of me.  I am just like other kids.

Age Diagnosed: 5 years old
Location: USA

Hobbies: Write books and stories Football Baseball

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