Lina Gilliland

I currently have a radio show called “Down Home Wellness with Ms. Lina” that airs every Saturday at 9 am and 9 pm. I talk about alternative health methods and preventative care for your body, mind and spirit. I also put out a monthly newsletter on healthy living with recipes and tips for living your best life.

I have had multiple seizure types since a child.They briefly went away however, returned when I was 30. I have had 5 VNS implants which have made a big difference in my life. Although I am not seizure free, I can not drive and I am not without my challenges. I live each day the best I can. I am a daughter, sister, girlfriend but most importantly I am a mother to a wonderful and successful 21 year old son. I am here as proof that seizures, as tough as they are, do not need to be a handicap to living.

I believe in helping people learn how to be their own best health advocate. It is my goal to help everyone learn something to improve their quality of life. I am always educating people about epilepsy, it is an ongoing task when you have seizures.  I have two wonderful German Shepherds which I have trained and they stay with me when I am having a seizure day. Prior to them I had a Golden Retriever named Maggie who would alert me to my seizures. Sadly she passed away after 9 wonderful years in our lives.

I live a quiet life crafting organic products, making my own homemade remedies from nature and believing quality over quantity of life is important for every individual.


Age Diagnosed: 10 went away at 17 came back at age 30
Location: USA

Hobbies: Reading,gardening,research,herbs,meditation,QiGong,life long learning, wildcrafting

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