Kristina Hedrick

I was born with seizures and outgrew them when I was 5. My daughter was born with seizures and outgrew them when she was 5. However, hers continue to come back and forth. She goes in and out of remission. It is very frustrating watching her go through this. It is very frustrating watching the doctors not knowing what meds are correct. She is 21 now and I have become an expert with her. These doctors lower and raise her meds back and forth. I recognize when doses are incorrect. Recently ER docs raised them she began seeing double and losing her vision. I told her stop only take original dose. When we went back to neurologist he said I was correct, if I let her keep taking the doses by ER she would have gone into toxic shock syndrome. I have always been her biggest advocate. In high school she was relentlessly bullied . I called out the main person and a stop was put to it. Currently I am sick and tired of television shows and commercials constantly flashing lights and making rapid screen changes. So many epileptics can’t handle it and go into seizures. I want something done about it. Years ago someone approached me and asked if I would support the deaf and hard of hearing community. Of course I did , they were tired of not being able to watch television and not hear it. Now they have closed captioning. So I know this can work for epileptics as well. When I was in Navy our motto was “Never say Never”. I still go by that. Thank you for this opportunity.

Age Diagnosed: At Birth
Location: USA

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