Kabemba Mwale

I, Kabemba Mwale, have been living with epilepsy since age 9 as I had my 1st seizure on August 29th 1991. Through my personal experiences I have come across the many challenges that we have. It is in this vain that I decided to create a face-book page and also formally register an organisation in order to create a platform for advocacy purposes. The page is called EPILEPSY FORUM WITH KABEMBA MWALE and the organisation is Kabemba Mwale Epilepsy Foundation. I have used the two platforms for awareness, encouragement and lobbying of medications in times of shortages. My 25 years plus testimony has inspired a lot of people in our country in the past year and my passion as it continues to be my drive. I now can reach out to many more as an Ambassador. There is so much to say as we have many plans ahead, so I shall end here. Thank you

Age Diagnosed: 9
Location: Zambia

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