Julianne Raymond

I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 16.  I am now nearly 23 and it has been a long and bumpy road to get where I am today.

Epilepsy greatly affected my life.  It made me feel like I wasn’t “normal.”  It made me feel left out because I had to be more responsible than my peers, due to my condition.  I had to grow up a lot quicker than most.  While it was certainly a learning experience and I definitely hit my lows, I am proud to be an Epileptic.  It made me who I am today.  I am strong, intelligent, mature, responsible and most of all, independent.  I don’t want to be pitied for having a neurological disorder.  I want people to look at me in awe that I have overcome such an obstacle as epilepsy.  That’s how every epileptic should feel.  We should all be empowered by our story.  Because the fact of the matter is, God only challenges those who can handle it.  And we can handle it.

I want to not only spread my story, but every epileptic’s story.  1 in every 26 people is affected by Epilepsy yet so many know so little about it.  I want to change that.

Age Diagnosed: 16
Location: USA
Website: http://facebook.com/julianne.raymond

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