Ivonne Whitaker

I am 41 years old mother of two (Son and a daughter). My son was diagnosed with epilepsy 6 years ago when he was 14. From that moment to this day my commitment is to learn more about epilepsy and help to find the cure.

I am ready to graduate from Everglades University  with my BA/major in Alternative Medicine. My capstone is in April and the subject I am approaching is, “Living with Epilepsy.” After that, I am planing to go to the Florida College of Integrative Medicine for my masters and doctoral degrees in acupuncture and oriental medicine. I also received my diploma in nutrition, diet, and health science from Ashworth College in Georgia with honors. I also was elected to receive Membership in Delta Epsilon Tau International Honor Society from Ashworth College.  I am enrolled in Dr. Sears Institute to become a certified health coach. Finally, it will be my honor to be part of your team and work hand in hand with your group. I would like to help to create awareness about epilepsy, but most importantly educate the population how to react and what to do when some one they love (relative, friend, partner) has epilepsy, and the basic safety care for people with epilepsy to prevent the SUDEP. Thank you.

Age Diagnosed: 14 years old (my son)
Location: USA

Hobbies: Painting, drawing, reading, zumba, yoga.

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