Ivan Joshua

I’m a Pharmacy student in Arellano University Philippines. I’m shy but now I want to get out of my comfort zone. My Thesis or Research is all about Epilepsy. While conducting in this research I found out that millions of people have epilepsy worldwide. Conducting seminars to give them information about epilepsy is one of my priorities. I think I am capable to spread information because I am a medical student. I master those drugs and disorders like epilepsy. I can also extend a helping hand in this organization to conduct more informative research about epilepsy and the cure. I want to spread/promote awareness to the people of my country.I want to extend any help to those people who have epilepsy in my own way. Having good leadership and attitude, commitment and teamwork, I will make a good ambassador, and I think I possess them all. I will do my very best to become one of your best ambassadors of this organization.


Location: Philippines

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