Francois Roux

Well I’m a 33 y/o guy who was diagnosed with epilepsy in January 2018. Since then I’ve had to rely on specialists at government hospitals, but I’ve never seen the same doctor twice.  I still have not seen a neurologist even though I’m experiencing extreme memory loss.  I only get to see a specialist once every six months for a rush appointment, without a checkup and they just increase & add AED’s. I’m on 3 AED’s at the moment along with various other meds.

But the point of this whole story is not to make anyone feel sorry, but rather to motivate each and every friend, family member or ambassador to support the fight to get better treatment, understanding and training to this area that’s in desperate need of it.

We all know the hardships we have had to face in our lives, but I can guarantee you that it’s nothing in comparison to the violence children are subjected to because their parents don’t know how to handle it.

Age Diagnosed: 32
Location: South Africa

Hobbies: Browsing the internet, reading epilepsy articles, promoting awareness in my province, helping people

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