Emily Steele

Because I am a Mama to one of the biggest Epilepsy Warriors on this planet! She is truly amazing, despite all the yucks that come with having Epilepsy, she’s determined it will NOT stop her! As her Mama, I believe in  raising awareness, and doing all we can to find a cure and keep that hope alive! For Gabi Epilepsy looks like nothing to those around her. It’s almost invisible…”you don’t look sick” isn’t something we want to hear ever again, or anyone else who hears that! It’s not invisible, it’s visible- 24/7 visible, lots of pills visible, watching so close, and not being free to be a completely “normal” kid. Yeah, nothing invisible to us, so let’s make it visible to everyone! Purple will be our banner to the world! #purpleday #epilepsyawareness #hopeforacure #endepilepsy

Location: USA

Hobbies: I live in New York.

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