Elizabeth Czorny

I began having seizures when I was 12 years old but the doctors had not figured out it was epilepsy until I was well into high school. I went through series of passing out at school and at home. I had a massive seizure in the student section of my first high school football game. Followed up by multiple seizures in the middle of busy hallways and classrooms. I was made fun of for the next 4 years of my high school career, for something I couldn’t even control. I would have boys come up to me and imitate the way my muscles had contracted during my seizure. Once I was diagnosed I couldn’t run track for the high school and many other things did not go my way. It was hard but I made it through. I had my family by my side and teachers accommodating me every step of the way. The support grew as people finally realized the actual toll it took on me. We didn’t find the right pills up until I hit college. But I have now been seizure free for a whole year and nothing has felt better. That constant fear in the back of my mind that it’ll happen, another grand mal seizure, haunts me every so often. But I have accepted my epilepsy, it isn’t who I am but it is apart of my life and I’ll never let it take me down. I now use all my experiences to help new diagnosed people around me. I am ready to find a cure and I will do anything it takes to keep others from going through the harsh journey I and many others had to.

Age Diagnosed: 16
Location: USA

Hobbies: -I love to run and be outside -I love spending time with my family and friends -I love volunteering and working with children -I would like to become a teacher

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